This week is #ExploreYourArchive/CuardaighDoChartlann week and I thought it would be fun to do some exploring of the collections on Irish Archives Resource using some of the daily hashtags from #ExploreYourArchive. The daily hashtags are: #MapsPlans; #Time; #Beards; #Throwback; #Party; #News; #Languages; #Humour; #YourArchive

So what does have in store when it comes to these hashtags? Thanks to our lovely contributors there is lots to explore on IAR on these topics.

Thanks to our contributors there are 96 results when you do a simple search for Maps

Even better, there are 120 results for Plans

Lots of news to be found in Archives around Ireland

It looks like the #humour is all concentrated in Cork

But archives are working north and south to bring the #Party to archives

When it comes to #Time there are a whole 287 results to explore among the collections on IAR

Explore Your Archive week is a great way to find archives. Archivists are working hard to show off some of their collections and give an insight into some of the gems in the collections. Even if we do only have a couple of results when it comes to #humour on our search we really do want people to have fun exploring archives. The simple search on IAR is a great way to do some archive exploring and for more in depth exploration you can click on our advanced search or visit one of the many friendly Archives Services that contribute to

Check out the Explore Your Archive Campaign in Ireland and also extend your explorations outside of ireland on Explore Your Archive

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