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    This week is #ExploreYourArchive/CuardaighDoChartlann week and I thought it would be fun to do some exploring of the collections on Irish Archives Resource using some of the daily hashtags from #ExploreYourArchive. The daily hashtags are: #MapsPlans; #Time; #Beards; #Throwback; #Party; #News; #Languages; #Humour; #YourArchive So what does www.iar.ie have in store when it comes to…
  • A Common Thread: Textiles and the Irish Archives Resource
    The Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century took place first in the textile industry. Ireland was not a heavily industrialised economy. Nevertheless, textiles are a common thread that runs through many of the records in the Irish Archives Resource. Often, these organisations shared a commitment to charity and had distinct literary and artistic interests. Countrywide…
  • Beyond the Brewery: Archival Collections Featuring the Guinness Family
    The Irish Archives Resource (IAR) illustrates how the Guinness family were closely connected to people’s lives throughout Ireland. Apart from the extensive records of the ‘Company’ and the ‘Brewery’ in the Guinness Archive, many other collections on the IAR website relate to members of the family. These make it possible to identify patterns of intermarriage,…
  • Derry Girls: A History of Shirt-Making in Derry
    The Work of Women in Ireland’s Textile Industry From the ‘Houses of Industry’ after 1752 to the Irish design workshops of the twentieth century, the Irish Archives Resource presents a wide variety of collections relating to 250 years of the textile industry. This blogpost focuses on the shirt factories founded in the city of Derry…
  • ‘The Treaty 1921 – Records from the Archives’ Regional Tour
    A major exhibition, ‘The Treaty 1921 – Records from the Archives’, completed a successful tour of Wicklow, Tipperary, Donegal, Wexford, Limerick, and Cork between April and July 2022. This followed a four month display at Dublin Castle when the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 went on public display for the first time in the history of…