The Irish Archives Resource is committed to improving access to archives in Ireland. Archives are a brilliant resource for education. We believe it is important that students are introduced to archival resources and we work to foster an awareness and appreciation of Irish archival records in schools and among students.

Irish Archives Resource periodically creates educational publications using the rich documentary heritage on the island of Ireland. We work with our contributors to identify and share their resources in our education packs. These educational resources utilise archival records to explore important themes and events from the history of this island. They are intended as a stepping stone to assist students to identify potential resources for their studies with the intention that the students will be equipped to explore further in the Archives Services they have been introduced to. These publications tie in with the school curriculum (north and south) and are available for both teachers and students to use in the classroom. The publications are freely available to download here.

We will continue to add to our educational resources over time.

A number of print copies are also available, please contact for more information.